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Dental Treatment Under General Anesthesia

At KidsDent Istanbul, we understand that dental visits can sometimes cause anxiety in children. That's why we create a fun and friendly environment to put your child at ease. However, some children may still experience dental anxiety. To ensure a positive dental experience for every child, we offer sedation and general anesthesia services in partnership with a leading hospital in Turkey.


cocuklarda genel anestezi

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Treatment Under General Anesthesia

What is the Difference Between Sedation and General Anesthesia?

  • Sedation helps your child relax and feel calm during their dental procedure.

  • General anesthesia renders the patient completely unconscious throughout the procedure. This is typically reserved for more complex or lengthy procedures or for children with severe dental anxiety.

Our priority is to provide your child with the gentlest and most comfortable dental care possible. Talk to us today about how we can make your child's next dental visit a positive experience.

Is Dental Treatment Under General Anesthesia Safe?


We often receive inquiries regarding the safety of general anesthesia for dental procedures, particularly for children. It's natural for parents to be concerned about their child's well-being during dental treatments. Before proceeding with dental procedures under general anesthesia, thorough assessments are conducted, including blood tests and allergy screenings, to ensure the child's suitability for the procedure. Additionally, dental treatments under general anesthesia are performed in hospitals with fully equipped operating rooms, under the vigilant supervision of specialized anesthesiologists. This ensures the highest standards of safety and care.

Feedback from individuals who have undergone dental treatments under general anesthesia indicates that they generally experience minimal discomfort and are satisfied with the outcome. This reassures parents that their child's comfort and safety are prioritized throughout the procedure.

How Is General Anesthesia Administered to Children?

Before the procedure, children undergo a comprehensive assessment by an anesthesiologist to evaluate their medical history and determine their suitability for general anesthesia. Throughout the procedure, children's vital signs are closely monitored by the anesthesiologist to ensure their safety and well-being. This meticulous approach provides peace of mind to parents and ensures a smooth and comfortable experience for the child undergoing dental treatment.

How Long Does Dental Treatment Under General Anaesthetic Take?

The duration of dental treatment under general anesthetic typically spans from 1 to 3 hours, encompassing the completion of necessary procedures and preventive measures.

How Is Dental Treatment Done Under Sedation for Children?

The steps involved in dental treatment under general anesthesia are as follows:

  1. Preparation:

    • An anesthesiologist conducts a thorough examination of the child, evaluates their medical history, and performs necessary tests.

    • The family is briefed about anesthesia and the treatment process.

  2. Sedation:

    • The anesthesiologist administers general anesthesia to the child.

    • Once the child is asleep, the dental team commences the treatment.

  3. Dental Treatment:

    • While under general anesthesia, decay is removed, fillings are placed, and if necessary, procedures such as extractions or root canals are performed.

  4. Waking Up:

    • After completing the dental treatment, the anesthesiologist wakes the child up and monitors until fully alert.

  5. Recovery:

    • The child is discharged shortly after waking up and becoming alert.

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